Business Advice

Do you need general business advice?

At Akele & Partners we can:
  • Help you develop a business plan
  • Monitor your business progress
  • Review your business performance using benchmarks and relevant performance indicators
  • Carry out business valuations

The [MYOB Business Monitor Survey 2013] found that:

  • over 21% of business owners with an advisory or consultative relationship with their accountants experienced a rise in revenue over the previous year.
  • Only 17% of those with a tax relationship with their accountant noticed a rise,
  • 16% of those with no accountant noticed a rise and
  • 8% of those with no accountant did not know if their revenue rose or fell in the past year.

If you need a Chartered Accountant near Wollongong for your family business tax
or family business advice, you are welcome to contact us today.