Do you need help with accounting?

At Akele & Partners Chartered Accountants we can:

  • Prepare your financial reports
  • Analyse and develop your accounting system
  • Prepare your cash flow statements
  • Do your budgets and forecasts
  • Assist with bookkeeping needs
  • Do your management accounting
  • Maintain your company statutory registers
  • Provide payroll services
  • Advise on payments of dividends and interest
  • Advise on salary packaging
  • Advise on business finance
  • Advise on home loans and leases
  • Help with financial planning
  • Help when you are starting a business
  • Help with business investment
  • Help with salary packaging advice for not-for-profit organisations
  • Help with business restructuring
  • Help with estate management
  • Help with self-managed super funds

If you need a Chartered Accountant near Wollongong for your family business tax
or family business advice, you are welcome to contact us today.